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We’re still “Raising the Woof” over here!

Our new shelter is coming along, but the additional cost of securing a new roof has set our numbers back a bit!

During the process heavier than normal winds, rain and snow (thank you Michigan weather) have damaged the existing roof and we decided to replace it all now and not risk further damage to the new modifications. We’re set to finish our project in May and still need the additional roof funding.

Want to help us “Raise the Woof”?

Donate directly to our roof fund below and receive a letter of recognition. All donations are tax-deductible and every amount counts and is appreciated.

Want to help make a difference?

Your donation is vital to our mission to sustain the first no-kill shelter in the City of Detroit and aid in the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of the abused, abandoned and homeless dogs.

Make your gift go further with a monthly recurring donation by following the link below.

Detroit Dog Rescue

Detroit Dog Rescue is Detroit's first no-kill shelter. Founded in February 2011, DDR helps between 80 to 120 dogs at any given time. Our rescue is known for taking animals in trouble that most regard as unadoptable and investing the time and training needed to rehabilitate and re-home these dogs. Detroit Dog Rescue is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and licensed by the Michigan Department of Agriculture and holds a Platinum Award of Transparency through GuideStar.