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A New Beginning


Detroit Dog Rescue serves as a center of reprieve and rehabilitation for some of Detroit’s worst abuse, neglect and cruelty cases. At Detroit Dog Rescue each dog is given a chance to decompress, receive medical treatment and ultimately, find their path to their forever home.

However, our current facility is only 2,000 square feet. Although this space served as Detroit’s first no-kill shelter and saved thousands of dogs, we rely on the generous hearts and homes of fosters and veterinary facilities for eighty percent of our rescue dogs. Detroit Dog Rescue has currently outgrown the space where our mission started during Detroit’s bankruptcy and foreclosure crisis, and now we’re looking to expand our no-kill operations.

Recently, Westcott Veterinary Center gifted Detroit Dog Rescue an 11,000 square foot former veterinary clinic built in 1962. The clinic has the existing structure we need to grow our mission, but since serving the community since 1962, it needs to be updated to house our existing operations and shelter.

Our friends at PCI ONE SOURCE CONTRACTING and STUCKY-VITALE ARCHITECTS have been working on a progressive plan for our shelter and the City of Detroit is in full support of our project. In order to renovate the existing Westcott Veterinary Hospital and sustain operations for the first year we are creating a $2.3M campaign.

Our future plans include over 60 kennels, spacious outdoor yards, a training center, mutt-ternity rooms for pregnant strays, puppy pre-school, an intake and trauma bay, exam rooms, a prep kitchen, laundry facility, and of course, meet and greet rooms where our dogs and puppies will start their next chapter. Detroit Dog Rescue also has the support of CPDT trainers and educated staff to aid in our adoption, rehabilitation and rescue operations.

All of this will be nestled in northwest Detroit with easy access to expressways and some of the residential neighborhoods who we support and serve.

For so many years Detroit Dog Rescue has been a beacon of light for the dogs and residents who need us most. The gift of the Westcott facility was more than we could have ever hoped for, but we need the community to continue our dream of expanding. Please consider a gift to Detroit Dog Rescue. Every amount counts towards our mission, because every dog deserves a chance.

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