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Biggie was rescued with another dog in 2021 and quickly won the hearts of everyone he met. His forever home came with a new four-legged sibling who Biggie can’t get enough of…

Here are some Biggie pics and a little more about him. He’s my best friend. over the moon for this big chunk. He’s the sweetest cuddle bug. He’s won over everybody he’s met. I can’t tell you how many people tell me they were afraid of pits until they met him. Even my mom was afraid of him at first and now she calls him her big old pudding head and begs for me to bring him over. He’s so loved and spoiled but he deserves every bit of it. We couldn’t have gotten luckier. Seriously. All of my siblings fight over who gets Biggie if me and my husband die lol.

He hates going for walks and loves being in bed, but prefers the couch with a human pillow to lay on. He’s stellar with sit, down, stay, come, bed, wait, and all of the other basics. He drools over his food bowl when we fill it until we say go ahead! And then he devours. He’s so sweet with all the pups in the family. He’s goofy and gentle but loves to play with the smaller boys. He apparently doesn’t like being with dogs his own size lol.

He’s terrified of the vacuum. Loves treats. Sleeps until noon. Yawns when he’s happy (which I think is the opposite of what most dogs do, right?). He has his own couch but will gently boop us with his nose until he gets the thumbs up to get on the other couches (not sure when or why this routine started but it’s adorable). He knows the words Grandma and Grandpa and spins when he’s excited. He’s perfect. Truly perfect. I couldn’t be more in love.

Sorry for the essay but I wanted to share how thankful we are for him. I never realized how incomplete our lives were without him.

Emily Locklear

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