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When I first met Connick it was 100°. He was trapped in a rusted cage in a dilapidated “sanctuary”. His food was moldy, flies infested his open sores and he was too weak to stand.

He was dying. I wanted so incredibly bad for him to know love -just once I wanted him to feel something more than the concrete burning his sores. I arranged for him to come to Detroit Dog Rescue fully understanding that he didn’t have much time. Here he was loved, he gained some strength back, his sores closed and his heart filled.

Dogs are born knowing how to unconditionally love, that’s why they never get to stay as long as us. Sadly, Connick passed away, but the memories he made and the helping hands he experienced was the last thing he knew- not the nightmare he came from.

Rescue is rescue, whether it’s fifteen years or five days, I want dogs to experience the love they so freely give us. Sadly our Forever Foster hospice program is the most under-funded program at Detroit Dog Rescue. Please help me give more dogs a chance by making a tax-deductible donation by clicking here.

Want to help make a difference?

Your donation is vital to our mission to sustain the first no-kill shelter in the City of Detroit and aid in the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of the abused, abandoned and homeless dogs.

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Kristina Millman-Rinaldi

Kristina Millman-Rinaldi has been changing the face of animal welfare in Detroit for well over a decade. The nonprofit organization is Detroit’s first and only no-kill shelter, which finds homes for neglected dogs and animals who are victims of violent crimes. As Detroit Dog Rescue’s Executive Director, Kristina worked closely with Detroit Mayor, Mike Duggan’s administration to create Detroit’s first animal welfare committee. This partnership resulted in new leadership and policies for the city’s municipal animal shelter. Detroit now works harder to find alternatives to euthanasia due to overpopulation, while focusing on public safety. Kristina has been a part of several documentaries, news stories, and reality shows highlighting Detroit’s stray dog epidemic and she has raised millions of dollars to fund initiatives that support animals, especially ones who are victims of violent crimes. In the past, Kristina has been the recipient of the Mackinac Humanitarian Award, Beaumont Hospital’s President Award for Community Giving, and has been named WDVD’s “Woman of the Year” for her ability to create solutions in underserved communities.