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Adoptable Dogs at Detroit Dog Rescue

If you are interested in adopting or fostering, please take a look at our adoptable dogs! You can find information about each dog (their size, breed estimations, more photos, and any special needs they may have) by clicking on their photos!

Follow the links to fill out an application and our adoption team will be in contact within 10 business days to help you find your new family member!

We do not adopt to:

  • We do not adopt to homes with children under 5 years old. We are not set up to properly temperament test our dogs for this scenario.
  • We do not adopt to homes that are under HOA guidelines unless we are able to receive in writing that you are allowed to have the dog you are interested in adopting from us.
  • Although we do not require a fenced in yard, if you do have one, it has to be at least 5 to 6 feet tall (depending on which dog you are interested in).
  • We do not adopt our dogs out for the purpose of making them into “service dogs” or emotional support dogs. With too many people and trainers fraudulently obtaining fake service dog vests and certificates and unscrupulous trainers claiming that they are “credentialed”, we do not want to have our dog put into a situation that they are not qualified for.
  • We do not adopt out of the country. This includes our friends across the Canadian border.
  • We do not fly our dogs.
  • Homes with cats (dependent on dog). We do not have the means to properly cat test our dogs. This is not to say that cats and dogs won’t get along — of course they can! — but we are not set up to properly test our dogs with cats in in a responsible scenario. Please reach out to our team for to find a best fit if you have cats in your home and they can help guide you to find a good match!

Use the links below to help filter the dogs. Dogs not marked with “Foster Home Needed” are already in a foster home!