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Mission of the Detroit Dog Rescue:

In 2014 Detroit Dog Rescue opened the first and only NO-KILL shelter in the city of Detroit. Since achieving that goal, we are now helping the city of Detroit become the NO-KILL city we know it can be. We are helping to achieve this through: advocating for alternatives to euthanasia, proper pet care education, low cost spay and neutering programs, as well as, assisting low income families with pet food and medical resources.

There is an overwhelming amount of stray dogs running loose in the streets of Detroit, and only 23 animal care workers to rescue them.  Over 90% of dogs picked up in Detroit are euthanized.  There are simply not enough resources, funding, rescue workers, foster homes or people who are willing to adopt. Detroit Dog Rescue was born in February 2011 after the City of Detroit refused to allow access to a network television series that would have documented the lives of dogs trying to survive in an urban environment. There is a stray dog epidemic in the city, just as there is in many cities across the United States that have had to deal with economic decline, dwindling populations and abandoned buildings. If other animal lovers around the world could see what we see on the streets of Detroit every day, we know that they would help us make a difference in this city, one dog at a time.

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  • Ruby

    There’s nothing more beautiful than a Ruby, so, you can see where this precious girl gets her name! This 9 month old Australian Shepherd mix is not only beautiful, she’s smart too. Ruby is about 10months old, does well with other dogs and would be a great family dog with children. To set up a […]

  • Dash

    Dash is a two year old Jack Russel Terrier! Due to no fault of his own, this handsome boy with beautiful markings, was surrendered to our shelter. Dash is potty trained, neutered and fully vaccinated. This handsome hunk loves everyone and does well with dogs and children that can respect his face and use “nice […]

  • Bear

    It’s ok, you can fall in love with that face right away, we sure did. Bear is a Black Labrador/ German Shepherd Mix. He is absolutely beautiful and only one year old! Bear was surrendered to Detroit Dog Rescue, because his family could not afford to care for him. Like all young dogs Bear would […]

  • Russel

    Looking for a long legged friend to accompany you on walks? Then Russel is the family member you’ve been searching for. This one year old Rottweiler had a rough start to life, but now he’s at Detroit Dog Rescue awaiting his forever home! Russel is tall and will grow to be a larger dog. He […]

  • The Olympian Puppies
    The Olympian Puppies

    We are now accepting applications for these Staffordshire mix puppies. Please fill out an adoption application at DetroitDogRescue.com

  • How The Hound
    How The Hound

    He’s nothing, but a hound dog…and so much more. Howie has quickly jumped into the hearts of volunteers and we love him. This curious young hound does well with other dogs and children. He was surrendered to Detroit Dog Rescue by Detroit Animal Control and we can’t wait to find him a home. To set […]

  • Shine

    Sadly, Shine had a rough beginning to her life. It’s believed she saw her owner gunned down and wouldn’t leave the scene of the crime. Police officers surrendered her to DDR. Since her surrender, she’s been doing fantastic. Shine excels in group play and loves everyone she meets. Shine is a four year old Shepherd […]

  • Amber

    Amber is finally out of medical boarding, finished with her Heartworm treatment and is almost ready for adoption. Her official profile will be up soon, but if you’re interested in this gorgeous young Pit Bull mix with amber eyes, please fill out an adoption application.

  • Mrs. Pearlie
    Mrs. Pearlie

    Pearl is a seven year old Rottweiler/Shepherd mix that is recovering from Heartworm. We would like to find a quiet place for her to go through treatment. Do you have room in your heart and home for Pearl? Please fill out a foster or adoption application at DetroitDogRescue.com

  • Jane

    Jane is a six year old Golden Retriever/ Shepherd mix who came to Detroit Dog Rescue during the Polar Vortex of 2014. She was literally freezing to death. Today, she’s come so far and is finally in foster care with volunteer Beth and her teenage son. While in foster care, Jane is learning about manners […]

  • Apricot

    Apricot is a beautiful Vizsla/Pit mix that is doing fantastic in doggy group play. This one year old loves to play with friends, does well playing with balls and toys and loves everyone she meets. Apricot is about 60lbs of pure love. To set up a meet and greet with Apricot please fill out an […]

  • Sasha

    Sasha is a beautiful young Husky/Shiba Inu mix. This gorgeous girl has a magnificent salt and pepper coat and even better temperament. Sasha is excelling at group play and has become quite popular at doggy camp. Sasha LOVES to play in the water and we think she’ll be equally excited about snow. Look at face! […]

  • Lizzy

    Looking to really save a life? Lizzy was just hours away from being euthanized when Detroit Dog Rescue vowed to give her a second chance! This little lady, who weighs only about thirty five pounds, was infested with Heartworm, had a severe ear infection, as well as, intestinal parasites, when we took her in. Today, […]

  • Tilly

    Tilly is a two year old American Bulldog looking for love! This beefy beauty loves attention. She’s doing well in group play at doggy daycare and does well on walks. Tilly doesn’t know how big she really is, like most young dogs, so she can’t go to a home with young children, because she might […]

  • Joy Joy
    Joy Joy

    Need a little love in your life? Joy Joy is a lap dog, well, a lap dog built like a mini tank. This stack of short sweetness came to us when she was in jeopardy of being euthanized by the city’s animal control. Joy Joy had a whole list of medical problems, but Detroit Dog […]

  • Kara

    Meet Kara! Kara is a loving and energetic Shar pei mix who was released to Detroit Dog Rescue from the custody of Detroit Animal Control in October. Kara has come such a long way since coming to DDR. Kara would do best with an active owner or family, she’d benefit from long walks or a […]

  • Roscoe

    Roscoe! Remember Roscoe’s story? This big boy was suffering from Heatstroke when Channel 7 Action News reporter, Kimberly Craig, and Detroit Dog Rescue rushed him to emergency care. After several plasma transfusions and four days in critical care, Roscoe’s liver levels finally began to progress. Today, just a few short weeks after his heatstroke Roscoe […]

  • Myrtle

    Myrtle will be ready for adoption in early April. This middle aged chihuahua does well with most dogs and older children. Myrtle has not been tested with cats. Myrtle has also received a full dental work up!

  • Devon

    Devon is DARLING and she’s a volunteer favorite! Devon is a 1.5 year old Pit Bull mix who enjoys playing with most dogs, but is too curious to live with cats. Devon loves walks, swimming and hiking. So, if you have an active household, Devon is the dog for you! However, make no mistake this […]

  • Denny

    Denny knows there’s someone out there that’s perfect for him. This five year old gentleman was found on a cold and rainy night on 8 Mile Rd. He was an innocent victim of dog fighting . Humans used him to let other dogs attack him, commonly called a “bait dog”, Denny spent the first years […]

  • Deaf Dog Finds Home
    Deaf Dog Finds Home

    In the spring of 2015, we received a call about a litter of fifteen week old puppies running on a piece of property in Detroit. The owner, who was a suspected backyard breeder and self proclaimed drug dealer, explained that he had no means to care for the puppies and didn’t want them anymore. Detroit […]

  • Lucy and Mickey
    Lucy and Mickey

    These beautiful young senior’s are a bonded pair that must stay together. They are healthy and doing great. Both dogs do well with other animals and children. To set up a meet and greet with this dynamic duo, please fill out an application at DetroitDogRescue.com To make sure this pair stays together, we’ve lowered their […]

  • Achilles

    Meet Achilles. Sadly, at the age of four Achilles’ family had to surrender him due to unforeseen circumstances. Achilles is a four year old Pit Bull with a great temperament. He loves to play and will need to go to a home with a fenced in yard, but make not mistake this guys is a […]

  • Tiny

    We love this little man! Tiny is young terrier mix who lost his back leg after being hit by a car. However, that hasn’t slowed Tiny down and his heart is just as big as his spirit. Tiny does well with other dogs, but prefers female dogs. He loves people and does best with children […]

  • Chunk

    Everyone loves Chunk! This Shepherd mix with his missing ears and tail has had a rough life, but that hasn’t dulled his spirit. Chunk just wants a second chance at forever, could that be with you? This 2 year old does well with most dogs, but has not been temperament tested with cats. To meet […]

  • FOX 2 – 25 Dogs Removed from 2 Homes in Detroit
    FOX 2 – 25 Dogs Removed from 2 Homes in Detroit

    DETROIT (WJBK) – Dozens of dogs were stuffed in kennels and locked in rooms at two homes on Ewers on Detroit’s southwest side. Rescue organizations took 25 dogs, most of them pit bulls, out of the houses Wednesday night.”You could smell the urine and the feces,” said Hush with Detroit Dog Rescue. […] View the […]

  • FOX 2 – Dog Fighting in Detroit
    FOX 2 – Dog Fighting in Detroit

    […] There is an estimate of thousands and thousands of dogs on the streets. Detroit has a real problem. But one man is doing his part to give these dogs a chance. Hush is a local rapper and head of the Detroit Dog Rescue. His mission is to capture the thousands of stray dogs in […]

  • FOX 2 – 3 Dogs Shot, 2 Killed, in Detroit Neighborhood
    FOX 2 – 3 Dogs Shot, 2 Killed, in Detroit Neighborhood

    […] teenagers with guns shot the dogs for no reason. […] The family didn’t know where else to turn, so we called Detroit Dog Rescue and they came to the rescue, checking out Mellow’s injuries. […] View the full story at MyFoxDETROIT.com

  • CNN – ‘Top Dog’ Rapper Works to Save Dogs
    CNN – ‘Top Dog’ Rapper Works to Save Dogs

    Daniel “Hush” Carlisle and Monica Martino talk to CNN’s Randi Kaye about the organization. View the full story at CNN.com

  • Ace’s Story
    Ace’s Story

    On Friday, November 4, DDR received a number of emails and Facebook posts pleading with us to help a dog that had wandered into an Ace Hardware store on E. McNichols in Detroit looking for warmth. There was a heartbreaking photo of a dog cowering in the lobby, skinny and emaciated. It must have hurt […]

  • Doggone Good Deed for Animal Rescue Group
    Doggone Good Deed for Animal Rescue Group

    A group of Daily Tribune and Macomb Daily employees was dogged in its effort to help out some canine neighbors. Inspired by a video that depicted the plight of some 50,000 stray dogs roaming the streets and neighborhoods of Detroit, the employees banded together. Nearly a month later, the workers are about to turn over […]

  • Detroit Says No to Stray-Dog Documentary on Discovery Channel
    Detroit Says No to Stray-Dog Documentary on Discovery Channel

    DETROIT (AP) — Mayor Dave Bing’s office has denied a Discovery Channel request to chronicle the lives of stray dogs in Detroit by filming them and attaching small cameras to the animals. Film office chief Sommer Woods tells The Detroit Free Press for a story Thursday that the city’s job is to capture strays which […]

  • DDR Low Cost Vacination Clinic 6-8-2013
    DDR Low Cost Vacination Clinic 6-8-2013

    Detroit Dog Rescue would like to thank everyone who came out to take advantage of the Low Cost Vaccination Clinic 6-8-2013. DDR’s amazing volunteers, the staff at Detroit K9 Pet Supplies & the WCCCD Veterinary Technology & Paws & Claws staff did an amazing job coordinating & seeing this event through to a successful turn […]

  • Mellow

    Our fighter against ALL odds! DDR was called to the rescue of poor Mellow who was shot 4 times and left for dead. He is the sole survivor of a shooting rampage on 3 dogs. Sadly his two siblings didn’t survive. A bullet was removed from his throat and fragments remain in his sinus cavity […]