• Breed: Pit Mix
  • DOB: June, 2016
  • Gender: Female
  • Dog Friendly: Selective
  • Cat Friendly: Too Curious
  • Kid Friendly: Older
  • Size: Large (41-70 lbs)
  • Activity Level: Medium

I’m Sunshine, and I have a list of ways you can appreciate me: Throw ball. Take wet ball from my mouth. Throw ball. Take wet ball from my mouth. Admire my adorableness as I run after it. Take wet ball from my mouth. Throw ball…oh, sorry. Sometimes I get a little carried away. I LOVE THAT GAME!  You may have seen my sister, Comerica.  Yes, we both had puppies, and I had eight of my own.  Oh my, I love them so much, but I am ready for my babes to find their perfect homes once they are in good health!  I mean, they need my milk for that, and I have all they need!  I love being a mom, but want to know what my real dream is?  You probably guessed it: it is to find my human family that I have been waiting for!  I absolutely love humans, and they keep saying I am ‘the bestest girl’!  I mean not to brag or anything, but that is what I am!  My bio says I am dog selective… hold on, let me explain!  I like other dogs on walks, and meeting new dogs.  I don’t bark at other doggos on walks, but I I think being an only dog in a home would be most ideal for me!  You see, I didn’t have a great start to life, and was extremely bullied by other dogs in my previous household.  This doesn’t mean I hate dogs by all means!  I just feel like I deserve a home where I can be selfishly loved by humans, because I never had that before! Cats are not my thing, I don’t understand them is all!  I can’t figure them out.  Kids you ask?  Hey, I have kids of my own, but I get really excited to see my humans and don’t want to knock any human kids over!  I would feel oh so bad, so a home with 8+ years for kids would be so SWEET!  I would love a home for myself, please tell me that can be you!