MellowOur fighter against ALL odds! DDR was called to the rescue of poor Mellow who was shot 4 times and left for dead. He is the sole survivor of a shooting rampage on 3 dogs. Sadly his two siblings didn’t survive. A bullet was removed from his throat and fragments remain in his sinus cavity forever, which has resulted in loss of vision in his left eye. Despite his pain though, Mellow is the calmest, laid-back pup we’ve met so far! He has shown nothing but appreciation for our determination to his survival.

Mellow was adopted into a wonderfully loving family of four where he enjoys dogs parks, training days and kisses and cuddles from his two human sisters!

To help DDR battle these extreme cases of animal abuse, please our Porkchops’s Pals chip in page and donate to our animal abuse awareness campaign to educate the community on other ways to handle stray dog problem instead of ABUSE on man’s best friend!