• Breed: Mastiff-Shepherd Mix
  • DOB: Approx 2016
  • Gender: Female
  • Dog Friendly: Same size only
  • Cat Friendly: Maybe
  • Kid Friendly: Older only
  • Size: Large,41–70lbs
  • Activity Level: Medium

We took Evelyn and all her puppies in after being rescued by our friends at Detroit Animal Control and now Evelyn is ready for a foster home. Her puppies are all off at foster school learning how to socialize and Evelyn is ready for a Mommy break, we don’t blame ya, girl!

Evelyn is very eager to meet new humans, but she isn’t ready to live with other dogs or cats just yet. I mean, she did just raise eight puppies, she needs a little time off where she can be the center of attention, receive a spa treatment, and put on some weight.

Evelyn has done well meeting children over four who can respect her space and she loves to show the kids that she knows how to shake and sit.

Fun Facts: So smart, loves training, loves chicken and peanut butter, loves people, very playful and her favorite color is purple.