• Breed: Pit Mix
  • DOB: Approx 2016
  • Gender: Female
  • Dog Friendly: Yes!
  • Cat Friendly: Too Curious
  • Kid Friendly: Yes
  • Size: Large, 41–70lbs
  • Activity Level: Medium-High

WASSUP?! My name is Disco, who be you?  If you be cool we can rule…the world that is.  Together, we can move mountains, or hike them that is.  You see, I am a GREAT walker and am always down for adventures!  Wanna go to a patio bar? Cool! Let’s go, i’ll be the bestest girl there, you watch!  Wanna go to a soccer game?  Awesome, sign me up!  Wanna go to a dog play date?  SCORE! I love dog friends!  Wanna put me in the crate for the night?  No problame-o!  I do just fine in a crate!  However, my foster parents have never crated me since they got me, because they say I don’t need it!  I also hear that they have never complained about me ONCE, because duh, what is there to complain about?  I am the best dog in the world, and sure, maybe a little full of myself!  I have never been aggressive a day in my life, so kids are just fine with me!  Here’s the thing, I love humans so much, that I get excited.  I listen really well when you tell me to get down, but I am so sorry if I get so excited that I knock over a tiny human, I don’t mean to do that!  You wanna meet me don’t you?  I don’t blame you, I mean look at me!  All joking aside, I would love to find my forever home!  How about you help me out?! I would love to be apart of your family!