Deaf Dog Finds Home

03761301-a398-453d-9686-30e5e8dcad57In the spring of 2015, we received a call about a litter of fifteen week old puppies running on a piece of property in Detroit. The owner, who was a suspected backyard breeder and self proclaimed drug dealer, explained that he had no means to care for the puppies and didn’t want them anymore.

Detroit Dog Rescue took in the entire litter despite their horrible and contagious condition. Each of the puppies were so full of worms that they had to stay in medical quarantine for weeks.

When they were medically cleared, all the puppies were adopted. A few months later, we found out that Mac was deaf. We offered to do whatever was possible for Mac and recommended a visit with our trainer. Mac’s new owners were determined to keep him and to help him thrive. Mac is now a year old and doing great. He learns through hand signals and his owners couldn’t be more happy with Mac’s eagerness to learn and they celebrate each of Mac’s milestones.