• Breed: Pit Mix
  • DOB: June 2017
  • Gender: Female
  • Dog Friendly: Yes with low energy levels
  • Cat Friendly: Too Curious
  • Kid Friendly: Older
  • Size: Large (40-70 lbs)
  • Activity Level: Medium

OH HAI! Are you this “light at the end of the tunnel” I keep hearing about?  I’m Comerica, and I am a new mom of nine!  Yes, nine puppies, and let me tell ya, I am EXHAUSTED, but they say kids are worth it right?!  It is not ideal for me to keep all of my babies, I know this, so I am hanging out with DDR and making sure my babies are going to be all set for adoption.  What happens to me after my babes are adopted you ask?  Well, I would be looking for my forever home as well!  I promise you I am not as crazy as my little minions. I actually have a lot of love for every human I meet!  I LOVE humans!! Other dogs you may ask?  Why certainly, I can get along with dogs!  However, I would like a brother/sister with lower energy levels.  You know, the dogs who like to play from time to time, but also like to lay next to me on a couch and just relaxxxxx. No cats for me please, because I can’t help but chase them!  I’m sorry about that, but we all have our little quirks right?  I could really use a family of my own.  My life didn’t start out the way I wanted it to, but I know there is a family for me that can change that for me!  Oh please please please tell me it is you! Thank you friends, I hope to meet you soon!