• Breed: Pit Mix
  • DOB: Approx 2016
  • Gender: Male
  • Dog Friendly: No
  • Cat Friendly: No
  • Kid Friendly: Older only
  • Size: Medium, 50lbs
  • Activity Level: Med-High

What’s going on ladies and gents?!  My name is Barry, and I am known the be the life of the party!  Here, let me explain.  I love to be around crowds of people, and just being my lovely and social self.  The humans always seem to love it when I am around, so I am invited everywhere!  What can I say?  I am a pretty cool dude.  I was dropped off at DDR’s shelter, and I am not sure why!  I just live to please people and love love love to train!  I am still just a young pup, so I have energy for runs and fetch, but don’t worry, when that energy runs out, I can crash for hours on a couch while watching soap operas.  Hey, I am allowed to like chick shows, too!  As for dog friends… I ignore them most of the time, but if they want to play, then let’s play!  I like children and everything!  However, sometimes I get too excited and don’t realize my own strength, so I would do best with children 8 and up! I just get really excited when someone wants to play with me!  So what do you say? Come meet me!