In honor of Richard Marc Schendel – a dedicated husband, father, grandfather and animal lover.

Richard Marc Schendel

For Hercules

Jonathan Benaderet

In memory of Rick Schendel – a husband, father, grandfather and animal lover. You will be missed.

Ken and Mandy Perry

Honoring my sister Rose who recently past away, she loved animals and always tried to help all those in need. I’m donating to help Hercules in his battle to get well.

Rose Michael

for Ingrid

Jonathan Benaderet

My donation is in memory of my beloved Zachary. My best friend, protector, and constant companion. My Zachary would not ever leave my side. He listened to my trials and my joys. He helped me recover from a surgery by walking slowly with me as I regained my strength. He would never let me stand alone when I was afraid. His life was cut short by a fall on an ice patch, paralysing him. Putting him to sleep was by far the most heartbreaking thing I have ever done. It has been 14 months since that day,and my heart still is severely broken. RIP my LOVE, I will see you again someday. XO

Lynda Kaye

hello DDR
i am always so amazed and proud of the work that u do.
be calm, save pups and stay strong.
God bless,

barbara waldron

this donation in made in behalf of CWL, who has rescued many dogs and cats in her 68 years. she is not able to make monetary donations, so i honor her compassion with help for the 20! thank you for your compassionate action. om shanti, cc

cheryla coskie

In memory of Richard Vanstrien, for his dog-loving daughter, Nicky

Mary Morreale