I pray for your family.

Carla M DelVecchio

In memory of my Stanley Dog please accept this small donation for Rocky and Rob. Stanley passed away on September 16th of this year. He was 151/2 years old and the sweetest dog I’ve ever known. I miss him terribly! Thank you for all that you do for the dogs of Detroit… Stanley would approve!

Barbara McArdle

This donation is made to help Rocky and Rob, the two Golden Retriever mixes brought in on 12/4/13, in memory of Bailey Peters, golden retriever and the greatest dog ever!

Bailey Peters

In memory of my darling dog, Emma. You are still greatly loved and greatly missed.

Rebekah McGee

Donating today in memory of my sweet Golden, Valentine, who left us too soon just about a year ago. I know my donation is going to a great cause with wonderful people who care about abused, neglected and forgotten animals as much as I do. Thank you DDR for doing what you do!!!!


Your memory will live on with the love that each rescued dog shares with their new owner.

May your family and friends take comfort in this thought.

With the deepest sympathy,
The NCD Research Team and the DRLs of Comcast Spotlight

Jashua Seth Lockwook

Because Boo and Baby brought me such incredible joy and love and because I miss them so much

patsy hirsch

In your honor and name

Camilo Rodriguez

In Loving Memory Of Jessica Maluda Lonnquest. A woman with a huge heart, witty mouth and a personality that was impossible not to love. Never one to do things by halves, she gave everything her all. Her causes, her advice and her opinions. It’s easy to see why she supported this cause, just like these dogs, she was strong and resilient on the outside, yet in pain and scared on the inside. Never one to admit it though, she went through her short life making sure that tough exterior was on tight. She was brave, and very tough. This is a very small token of my love and respect for this strong young woman who probably never saw just how strong she was. Well, wherever you are now ‘Yessica’, I hope you’re proud of the life you lived, for as short as it was, you certainly made an impact on many peoples lives. I hope you’re proud that we’re doing so many things in your memory and you see how much you were/are loved. Till we take that walk in the sky…Love Always, G xoxox

Gail Purdie Amador

This donation is made in memory of my Mom!

Dianna Krajewski